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Marine Cargo Insurance

Ship-to-shore cargo protection

Benefits of Marine/Cargo Insurance

  • Claims settled within three working days after receiving all required documents
  • Affordable premiums
  • Expert advice on managing your risks
  • Protect your cargo against the risk of loss and damage while transporting, loading and unloading goods

“Claims paid on time in prime insurance, that is the reason why I recommend prime to all my friends.”
- System Garage

Goods in Transit Insurance

Transporting goods from place to place carries many risks. Losses can be incurred during rough weather at sea, if a vessel sinks at sea or in port, or if goods are damaged or stolen while being transported by road. Prime marine/cargo insurance offers protection for your goods from ship to shore. We guarantee to settle easy claims within 30 minutes and offer various policies to suit your needs.

We offer three packages to suits your needs:


Covers the risk of loss or damage caused in the event of a road accident or theft caused by the accident while in transit.

Marine Hull

Covers the risks of loss, damage to your ship, boat or vessel.

Marine Cargo

Covers the risks of loss, damage, expenses and liability to your goods while being transported as cargo from one place to another such as, for example, from a factory to the seaport to the warehouse. Losses can arise from sea perils such as rough weather, sinking vessels, damage in port as a result of overturning, collision and/or theft from overland transport.

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