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Money Insurance

Protecting what you’ve worked so hard to earn

Benefits of Money Insurance

  • Easy claims settled in 30 minutes – guaranteed
  • Protect your cash while in a safe, or while in transit
  • Protects your cash in all forms, whether banknotes, currencies, cheques, postal orders, money orders, current postage and revenue stamps.

“Claims paid on time in prime insurance, that is the reason why I recommend prime to all my friends.”
- System Garage

Money Insurance

You work hard to make your money. Losing it can have potentially devastating consequences. Protect yourself and your money with the cover that suits you best:

Money in transit insurance

This all-risks cover protects you against the physical loss of and damage to money while you’re moving it to and from your premises and also while it is on your premises during and after working hours.

Money in safe insurance

This cover provides indemnity in case your cash is damaged or lost while it is secured in a safe on your premises.

Fidelity guarantee

The Fidelity guarantee compensates you for losses incurred as a result of the disloyalty or dishonesty of an agent, officer, or employee. This cover is additional protection to our other money insurance policies.

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