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Travel Insurance

Protecting you always, wherever you are

Benefits of Travel Insurance

  • Your expenses are covered if you need medical attention or are hospitalised abroad
  • Emergency medical evacuation if you fall ill or are in an accident
  • You are covered if you are hijacked while using public transport
  • Cover the costs if you lose your passport, driving license and/or national identity card while abroad
  • Personal liability cover provided
  • Trip cancellation cover provided

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Travel Insurance

Travelling can be exciting, but can also present unforeseen risks. Prime travel insurance protects you against unexpected circumstances while you’re travelling abroad, including cancellations, unplanned medical expenses, lost luggage, flight accidents and other losses. We offer various levels of protection designed to meet your needs:

Travel protection

Covers you while you are travelling within Africa, Asia, Europe and other countries, except your country of residence.

Student protection

Provides worldwide coverage, except your country of residence, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Pilgrimage protection

Provides worldwide coverage, applicable to all religions, except holy places located in Europe.

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